About Excel Exercises

Picture the Excel master of your office

Maybe it's the girl everyone goes to for formula help. Maybe it's the guy who flies through Excel documents without even touching the mouse. Whatever the case, these people are extremely productive and respected for their expertise. But how did they get so good? The answer is simple: practice. These people spend years in finance, consulting, and accounting to build the skills you see today. But what if you could learn the same amount in a fraction of the time?

A better way to practice Excel

With Excel Exercises you can practice Excel formulas and keyboard shortcuts in hands-on, real-time training exercises. Rather than reading about keyboard shortcuts, you can actually practice them and start building muscle memory. Our technology can target areas for improvement and feed you exercises so you get more reps in less time.

So how will you use your new Excel skills? Maybe you'll increase your productivity. Maybe you'll walk into your new analyst job and blow everyone away. You may even ace that interview with the Excel test. The time to advance your Excel skills, and your career, is right now.