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Make Passive Income with the Excel Exercises Referral Program

Excel Exercises referral program

Looking for a new way to monetize your blog or website? Try the Excel Exercises referral program, where you get paid for every new customer you send our way! All you have to do is share our link then sit back and collect checks.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Send an email to jake@excelexercises.com with a link to the blog or website you'd like to monetize.

Step 2: If your blog or website fits our criteria you'll get a referal number and a personalized link similar to "ExcelExercises.com?ref=12345".

Step 3: Post the link on your page.

Step 4: Each month we'll send you a report of how many of your referrals became members and how many became customers. You'll get paid for every referral that becomes a customer.