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All of our Premium plans include access to all Excel Exercises content such as VLOOKUP, Pivot Tables, and more than 50 other topics. We periodically add new lessons that users request. The lessons start simple then get more advanced. You can repeat lessons as many times as you'd like.

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Excel is one if the most in-demand skills in the job market and can pave the way to a higher-paying career. Thousands of users have gone premium in order to increase their data proficiency, get promoted at work, or get a new job. Here's what some of them have said:

"Thank you so much for creating the site. This is such a big help for someone like me who is starting a career in data analytics." - Lea P. 6/24/2023

"This has by far been the most fun and engaging method of learning excel I've encountered!" - Andrew W. 6/22/2022

"I just want to thank you for your website. I hated using excel and was preparing for an excel exam that I was sure I would fail. But because of your website I have gained more confidence in excel and enjoy using it now. Today I also passed my excel exam with flying colours!" - Deb R. 2/7/2023

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If you're a teacher, email to learn how to get free access for your students.